Why Poplar?
For our non-invasive breath analysis technique we had a mental picture of a kid blowing on light fluffy things - poplar-tree seeds :)

  • Prof. Barbour of UCI School of Medicine performed research on sepsis with Prof. Blake of UCI Department of Chemistry
  • They have discovered that various gas content in patient's exhaled air is strongly dependent on presence of sepsis and inflammation
  • This discovery was submitted as patent application by UCI
  • Poplar Medical Systems was started by UCI EMBA-15 students and PostDoc
  • We have combined 100 years of experience in medical, chemical and laser research, healthcare software, sales and marketing
  • We plan to negotiate an option or license agreement with UCI for this technology
  • We are bringing non-invasive device prototypes to analyze patient’s breath for monitoring sepsis

Our Breakthrough in Medical Diagnostics of Sepsis