May 6, 2015.  Today Poplar Medical Systems, Inc. and University of California, Irvine have signed Letter of Agreement for exclusive negotiations on IP backing our sepsis breathalyzer.

April 27, 2015. EvoNexus, Irvine, CA

Today we have learned that Poplar Medical Systems, Inc. has won competition at EvoNexus business incubator. 9 teams, including Poplar, out of 88 contestants have won the competition, forming Cohort 2 of EvoNexus, Irvine. We are moving to EvoNexus , Irvine on May 4 and will have office and lab space there. EvoNexus will also provide start-up support and mentorship.

April 25-26, 2015. Chapman University, Orange, CA
Poplar Medical Systems has participated in California Dreamin Entrepreneurship Conference and Competition this weekend (April 25-26). We were the only team selected to represent UCI among teams from 30 universities. We came #3 - better than 24 teams, including Cornell, John Hopkins, UCLA and Carnegie Mellon teams. Poplar passed two rounds and became a finalist of the competition winning $7,000 cash prize and $7,000 equity investment at 4M pre-money valuation. We are very excited to receive input from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors on our business idea. We made the news!

  • Sepsis is a global healthcare problem.
  • It is more common than heart attack, and claims more lives than any cancer
  • In the least developed countries, sepsis remains a leading cause of death
  • There were 1,141,000 in 2008 in US only and the number grows each year by 12%
  • There were 207,427 deaths from sepsis in US in 2007

We are focused on bringing the latest of medical research into medical diagnostic instrumentation to help improve doctors decision making on the course of patient treatment

  • Sepsis is dangerous medical condition that affects millions of people
  • Currently there are no non-invasive live techniques to monitor it
  • We propose a path to producing non-invasive live sepsis monitor

The Advantage

Our technology comes from innovative research at University of California, Irvine

The Technology

Meet our team of executive MBAs and laser scientists bringing to you this innovative technology

The Team

May 15, 2015. Poplar team has won today a UCI Tech Surge award. The judging of the 2015 Tech Surge presentations was  held on Monday May 11th at the UCI Institute for Innovation.  We had 15 min pitch and did 10 minutes Q&A with the judges. The Tech Surge judges are experienced investors (VCs, angels, and SBIR affiliates and reviewers). 

April 22, 2015. 1 Million Cups, Irvine, CA

Poplar Medical Systems, Inc. gave business pitch in front of OC entrepreneurs at 1 Million Cups. We had a lively discussion of our business plan, risks to market and how to deal with some barriers to selling medical devices to healthcare system. It's a great forum and we plan to be back in 6 months.