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Alex Artsyukhovich -  CEO and Chairman
Ph.D. in Lasers and Ph.D. in Chemistry, UCI EMBA candidate 2015
15 years of experience in medical devices

Frank Yu - CTO
Ph.D. in Optics
15 years of experience in medical devices

Ricardo Vanegas - CMO
MBA, UCI EMBA candidate 2015

15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing

  • Body temperature above 101 F (38.3 C) or below 96.8 F (36 C)
  • Heart rate higher than 90 beats a minute
  • Respiratory rate higher than 20 breaths a minute
  • Probable or confirmed infection

Sepsis Signs

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We work with clinical researchers to deliver the best available medical diagnostic technology for sepsis monitoring and detection. Our focus is on patient's well-being and doctor's peace of mind

Please contact us to obtain more business information if interested to take part in this non-invasive sepsis diagnostics revolution


Richard Sudek, Ph.D. , MBA - executive director of UCI’s Institute for Innovation.

David Ochi, MBA, MS Project Mgmt - Executive Director, UC Irvine ANTrepreneur Center

Grace Yee, MBA, BS Biochemistry - UCI  licensing officer with the Office of Technology Alliances (OTA)

Thomas Knapp, MBA, BA - Assoc. Dir. of the Greif Center & Asst. Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship, USC Marshall School of Business

Richard Oberreiter, MBA, JD, BA - COO of Modulated Imaging, Inc.

David Cuccia, Ph.D., CEO of Modulated Imaging Inc.